3 Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Conversion Rate Immediately

What business doesn’t want a higher conversion rate? After all, the higher your conversion rate, the higher your bottom line. But even if your conversion rate is already sitting pretty, there is always room for improvement. So what are some simple but effective steps that can boost your website’s conversion rate? Well, among the many approaches you can take, there are three in particular that will benefit your business the most.

1. Develop and Present a Clear Value Proposition

Here’s an important reminder: customers want to buy from you. They are looking to you to solve their problems, or to make their lives easier. However, you and solely you are responsible for demonstrating why you are capable of providing them a valuable service. And this demonstration process involves two important steps. First, you must develop a sound value proposition, and it has to come from the heart. Second, you must present the value proposition in an easily digestible manner. Sound easy enough? Good. 

So what is a value proposition? The value proposition of your business is the underlying basis of your overall marketing message. Developing a value proposition that clicks with your target market involves not only researching what your customers need but also what your competitors offer. In addition, please keep in mind that you know your product or service better than anyone else. Leverage that to your advantage. Focus on the perspective of your customer, and use your in-depth knowledge of your own product or service to develop a value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors, in the eyes of your target market. 

After developing a sound value proposition, you still have to condense it and serve it hot to your customers—but not too hot. Be succinct. Ideally, you want to nail your value proposition down to about 2-3 sentences, at most. Furthermore, make sure you present your message in a clear and definitive manner. Lastly, be confident in what you have to offer. If you are not confident in the value that your product or service provides, there is no reason why your visitors should be either. 

2. Focus on Your Content Writing

Content writing goes far beyond keywords and eye-catching headlines. Nothing connects with customers more than heartfelt, genuine content. And this goes hand-in-hand with a sound value proposition. Look at content writing as the Sundance to your value proposition’s Butch.  All of our digital marketing plans can use a dynamic duo. So if you haven’t already, drop the hype and embrace consumer-centric content. You won’t regret it. 

Now, what do I mean when I say heartfelt, genuine content? Well, I mean content that speaks to the souls of your potential customers. I mean content that educates and empowers your customers. Don’t use your content writing to try to sell your products or services, like some sketchy salesman standing at the roadside. Rather, use your content to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and let your customer decide, on their own own accord, whether or not what you have to offer is good enough to warrant a purchase. Welcome to the wonderful world of inbound marketing, my friend.  

3. Feature Calls to Action on Each Web Page

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the most important components to your online marketing strategy. Calls-to-action serve as a way to provoke a response from visitors to your site. This is precisely why calls-to-action are critical to the success of your business. You don’t want your visitors getting distracted by something shiny in the corners of their eyes. Note that calls-to-action are not hard to implement on your site, and they will always pay dividends. Plaster them where you can.

Though you want to feature calls-to-action on each page, you want them to be high-quality as well. So focus on guiding your visitors. Make it simple for them to become customers. Streamline your purchasing process, and smoothen your site interface. All of these steps will help you obtain a higher click-through rate, which in turn increases your conversion rate. These work in unison to provide your visitors with the path of least resistance to the coveted destination: the checkout screen. 

Putting It All Together 

Now that you have some powerful marketing strategies to work with, implement them wisely.

In conclusion, there are three particular steps you should have in mind when it comes to improving your conversion rate: 1) stand out from the crowd by offering a sound value proposition, 2) build trust by producing genuine content writing that resonates with your visitors, and 3) guide your customers to the finish line by providing them plenty of calls-to-action.

Good luck!